There are many types tree insect problems

  pick one on the left.stressed palms

With over 80,000 species categorically identified throughout the world thier are more than 30 different scientifc groups of insects.

Insects have a pair of antennae adn compound eyes. insects and arrachnad are called arthropods. But arrachnads are eight legged creatures. the have thier own catagory.

Dragon flies are carnivores and good because they eat mosquitos.

Beetles have round bodies and two wings. These insect can cause a lot of problems and may be refffered to as bores because there destructive and destroy trees like tha asian long horm beetle.

 But some help you by eating aphids that cause palnt problemes so the are called benovlolent insects.

Ants and bees and wasps live in colonies,We need to protect bees when ever possible from insect spraying as they pollinate our plants. Bees and wasps always have wings but ants only have them when the colony must expand thats when we see them swarming.