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Master Hughes a tree doctor, provides tree care on lake conroe
  We specialize in tree care we dont cut trees we save them.Oak tree care or Palms sycamores Mapels and more.

If your law service or pest control guy cant solve your problems call a real tree doctor.

Nmc woodlands tree care can provide ground fertilization , spraying and disease diagnosis.


tree doctor

There are many things that can affect your pine trees or palms on lake conroe.

Often we find problems on lake Conroe created by poor watering systems or improper watering or the land scap crew trying to treat the plams.

We provide tree care on lake conroe to all subdivisions


Nmc provides

 Specialized palm tree care

Tree care for oaks

Ground injectons

Deep root feeding

Insect conrtol.

Nursery-grown palms are generally sold either potted or balled and bur lapped. unfortunately they often come from tree farms where there is little or no fungi or pest control.


Often the home owner gets a tree that may carry disease when they get it. That is why you should have your tree doctor treat the tree when you plant it.
Palm tree can also be infested with bores or insect larva, Nmc woodlands tree care has a special proprietary treatment for palm trees to rid them of insect infestations that can kill the trees.zen garden
  The bark is easily damaged and damaged areas leave the tree vulnerable to insects and fungus. Try to plant your tree shortly after purchase. Make sure that the tree's root ball is kept moist but not soaking.
 The best time of year to plant is during the warmer months when the soil temperature is at least 65 degrees F.
Common Problems With Palm Trees
The most important factor for a healthy palm tree is good soil and proper pest Control.  The type of soil determines how much nutrients and water the plant receives. 

We provide service to  Lake Conroe Texas The woodlands Texas, Memorial area of Houton tx, The Champions, Lake conroe.